COB LED Recessed Downlights

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Seno always focus on various styles of LED downlights,The LED Downlights are highly efficient replacements for CFL downlights (2x18W, 2x26W, 2x42W).The modern LED luminaires provide energy savings up to 60 % compared the conventional solutions. They are suitable for cut-outs with a diameter of from 45 to 260 mm,can be installed quick and easy also with their advanced flexibility due to an included external driver.

These LED downlights have an aluminium housing and a high-quality PMMA diffuser,aluminum reflector, and are built in a common family design with Spots. They come with a three-year guarantee.


5W 7W COB LED spotlight

9W COB LED Downlight

10W COB White LED Downlight Cold Forging Aluninum

15W COB Recessed LED Downlight

20W 25W COB LED Downlight

30W 35W 40W 45W COB LED Downlights

45W 50W 55W COB LED Recessed Downlight

5W 7W COB LED Downlight Cold Forging Aluminum

10W 12W COB LED ceiling spot light

15W 20W 25W 4'' COB LED Downlight

35W Adjustable COB LED ceiling light

40W Recessed led ceiling light

60W Recessed led downlight

45W 6inches cob led down light

2.5 inch 5W 7W New design COB Recessed led downlight

3.5 inch 10W 12W 15W COB Recessed led light

4 inch 20W 25W led ceiling lamp

5 inch 30W 40W 45W COB LED down light lamp

6 inch 40W 50W COB led ceiling down lamp

8 inch 60W 70W 80W 90W COB LED downlight

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