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LED Flood Light

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Seno has provided innovative energy-saving technologies to solve a variety of outdoor LED Flood Lighting,LED Industrial Light,LED Sport Stadium Lighting,LED Sport Floodlights,Outdoor LED Stadium Lights,LED Projecting Lamp. several sorts LED flood light /LED Floodlight which are kept the traditional style, adopting multi-angle lens, make the light become a bundle or wide range, the narrow angle lens flood light mainly used to project the tree, pillar and the outside wall of the building, the LED Flood Light wide range light suit for brightening the buildings, view sight, crossroads and so on, different color you can choose, white red yellow green. Of course, Seno also able to produce the products according to your requirements, you need to provide us with technical parameters, perfect design, perfect design, superb technology, save energy for the world and become the future of lighting.

IP65 led flood light 100W 120W led industrial light

IP65 waterproof 150W LED flood lighting

200W Osram high power LED flood lighting

250W led flood light Osram 3030 LED Bell Lamp

300W LED Floodlight Osram LED High Bay Lighting

400W High power led high bay lighting led flood light

500W outdoor IP65 led projecting lamp

50W super thin led floodlight

80W Osram 3030 led flood lamp

Osram 3030 100W LED industrial light

150W LED flood light narrow beam angle

Osram 3030 SMD LED flood light 200W

800W High power led flood light

1000W LED Projecting lamp Tennis court LED flood lights

High power 1500W LED sport stadium lighting LED projecting lamp

50W led flood light with lens

80W led flood light with lens

100W LED flood light

150w led flood light with lens

200w led flood lights

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