Square led ceiling lamp 3W-24W

Model: SN-SF
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Seno is the professional manufacturer of ceiling mounted led panel light,round panel light and square panel light.Except the normal panel lights,we also offer diameter 300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm/800mm/1000mm surface mounted led panel light.Welcome to inquiry us for more details!


a.Energy saving up to 70%,high luminous intensity,High brightness SMD2835 used;
b.Use imported Japan Mitsubishi light-guide panel and high quality diffuser to attain luminance uniformity;
c.Wide voltage AC100-265V,50/60Hz,constant driving way guarantees long lifespan of Panel;
d.With high efficiency heat protect system, can work under unstable voltage;
e.Solid construction, does not warp,Instant start, no flickering and no humming;
f.Environment friendly- no flashing, no UV or infrared radiation, mercury free, RoHS materials guarantees our world green and none-polluted;
g.Easy suspending and recessed installation reduce the construction cost.

LED Panel Light Technology Parameters

Conference/Meeting rooms, Classrooms; Offices, Hospitals, Factories;?
Hotels, Offices or other Commercial Complexes; Residential/Institution Buildings;?
Places where energy saving and high color rendering index are needed.

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